Consumption of seaweed for vibrant health is not some current fad or new idea. For thousand of years, many Asian cultures have attributed their long life spans and overall good health to their daily intake of sea vegetables.

Seaweed as a staple item of diet has been used in Japan and China since prehistoric times. In fact, seaweed has been part of the traditional diet of all coastal cultures, including the people of Japan, Korea, China, Iceland, Sweden, Wales, Scotland, Hawaii, and the South Pacific Islands.


According to sutdies by leading iodine experts, Dr. Guy Abraham and Dr. David Brwnstein, as many as 96% of American are critically deficient in iodine.
Seaweed is one of the most abundant sources of iodine because seaweed has the ability to concentrate a large amount of iodine from the ocean water.
Dr. David S. Brownstein

It has been proposed that this one deficiency could be an underlying nutritive factor in a multitude of health epidemics; obesity, various cancers including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental retardation, low I.Q., and numerous other issues.

Safe and natural sources of iodine are now more important than ever as Americans learn about iodine's ability to protect the thyroid and the entire body.

The amount of iodine in one capsule of Emerald Sea capsule averages 200 - 250 mcg.


About 4 percent of the total dry weight of many brown seaweed species consists of a polysaccharide known asfucoidan.

Research has shown that when fucoidan was administered to cancer cells, they dissipated within 72 hours. This process is known as apoptosis; the destruction of cells from within. Currently, efforts are under way to find the consensus concerning the precise nature of fucoidan.

Interestingly, Okinawa, Japan has the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan where Kombu is predominantly consumed.
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As levels of heavy metals and radioactive isotopes contiinue to rise across the globe, alginates provide a critical first line of defense. Of primary concern is the ingestion of these toxins from our food and water supply.

It is well established that alginates from brown species of seaweed offer protection from radiation and environmental pollutants. Alginates bind with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and radioactive elements (strontium, cesium, etc.), and are then safely excreted from teh body. They have also been shown to actually remove Strontium 90 from the bones.


Laminarin is a polysaccharide which helps control excess blood coagulation and clotting. It is 30 percent effective as the anticoagulant heparin. In addition, laminarin supports cardiac health by encouraging healthy blood pressure levels. It also possesses anti-cancer properties and has been shown to inhibit basic fibroblast growth factor (BFGF) and angiogenesis.

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