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Add Certified Organic Emerald Sea Vegetables
to your Weight Management Program

Seaweed Helps You Lose Fat

Of the seaweed health benefits we are aware of, it's role in aiding weight loss cannot be ignored. These incredible raw sea plants support weight management like no other whole food on the planet! Emerald Sea vegetables are:
  • 100% Safe
  • !00% Natural
  • Whole Food
  • Organic
  • Nutrient-Dense
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Target Abdominal Fat

Chemists in Japan have found that certain species of seaweed contain a compound that appears in animal studies to promote weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat. A unique nutrient called
Fucoxanthin achieved a 5 percent to 10 percent weight reduction in test animals. The compound targets abdominal fat, in particular, and may help reduce oversized gut, the scientists say.*
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Reduces Fat Absorption

Conclusive research has uncovered that special fibers found in certain species of seaweed can actually help to reduce our fat intake. The fibrous material called Alginate is said to have been proven to absorb greater levels of body fat than the majority of over-the-counter slimming treatments!

Co-leader of the study, Dr. Brownlee of the University of Newcastle, stated,
"There are countless claims about miracle cures for weight loss but only a few cases offer any sound scientific evidence to back up these claims ... these natural fibers can be incorporated into our diets easily."*
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Supports Thyroid Function and Metabolism

Emerald Sea is a rich source of natural organic iodine, a vital nutrient for optimal thyroid function.

"The healthy functioning of the thyroid is essential to maintaining metabolism and preventing the accumulation of body fat," writes Burton Goldberg in Alternative Medicine.*

"I believe that an insufficient intake of organic iodine in today's modern diet has led to a serious and chronic form of low-grade hypothyroidism," writes Donald R. Yance, Jr. in Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer.

Increasing your iodine level will allow your thyroid function and metabolic rate to return to normal.
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Boosts Your Daily Nutrition

Emerald Sea is loaded with every vitamin and trace mineral known to man, macronutrients, micronutrients, plant sterols, antioxidants, omega3's, omega 6's, phyonutrients, enzymes, organic iodine and a host of many more power packed nutrients.*

Nourishing your body every day with all the trace minerals and other nutrients currently missing from your daily diet helps promote better overall health and wellness.*

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