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Welcome to our site. We're happy you found us!

We love taking Action Whey and Emerald Sea Vegetables. As parents of four boys, we've found this whey protein to be a 'real favorite' in our house. With so many nutritional supplements on the market, it really is hard to know what to buy. We personally chose Action Whey and Emerald Sea to serve as the foundational nutrition for our family's health. It's so simple and delicious, yet they provide very powerful health benefits.

Go ahead and give these products a try. Start each day with a healthy chocolate or vanilla whey shake and some sea vegetables. Your body will thank you!

Bill and Brenda

PS - Don't forget to try our new all
organic skincare products too.

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We have been Independent Distributors of Emerald Express for a long time. We absolutely love the products and are always 'ready' to receive our monthly order at our doorstep! It's really convenient.

You just can't go wrong with this whey protein! Our family loves both, the chocolate and the vanilla. Throw in a banana, some strawberries or even some pumpkin for your own creative taste. Then ... take some raw sea vegetables and you are ready to go!

We are so excited about the new organic skincare products AND the new (and generous) pay structure the company has unveiled. We've always known Emerald Express offers superior products but now … there's even more!

It's not surprising that we want to share it with you and everyone else. We hope you decide to join us! :)

Emerald Essentials
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