Organic Body Care Kit

by Releve' Skincare

Take advantage of the ultimate skincare package with one of each of our incredible Releve™ organic skincare products! It is our complete Organic Body Care Kit!
The Organic Body Care Kit includes:
  • Daily Infusion Facelift Cream
  • Bamboo Mist
  • Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel
  • Luxotic@ Organic Face Moisturizer
  • Exhilar-Eyes™ Eye Renewal Cream
  • Clay Mneral Mask
  • Clay Cleansing Bar
  • Organic Body Lotion
  • Liquid Minerals Face Cleanser
  • Liquid Minerals Body Cleanser

Plus, a for a LIMITED TIME ...
receive a FREE Sun-Lite™ Moisturizing Sunscreen!
Leaping Bunny Cerfification
Releve' Skincare's non-chemical, non-damaging, non-abrasive Fast-Firming Facelift System, is the fastest, most effective natural way to slow the signs of aging and enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin. Results are immediate and dramatic, but the long-term process is the key to Daily Infusion's anti-aging magic.
Feed your skin the living universe.
Releve' Skincare

The Releve' Skincare Facelift System is a two-step process.

First, apply Daily Infusion Facelift Cream with Flavonol, the most important ingredient, and the company's very own bio-extracted, citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic food sources.

Second, apply the Bamboo Mist, which serves as a bridge to percolate the Daily Infusion into the skin, while enhancing the power of the active ingredients.

Optional Steps:

Many customers have experienced even greater results by doing a one0layer peel with our Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel every other day as an Optional Third Step.*

Incorporate the Luxotic Organic Face Moisturizer in the process for additional moisture. *

*Refer to the "How to Use" directions on the corporate site for details on usage.

You will simply be amazed at your results when using these simple steps!
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