Daily Infusion Facelift Cream (with Flavonol)

by Releve' Skincare

Unless you are considering cosmetic surgery, there is NO other product that achieves the anti-aging results you will discover with Releve Skincare's Daily Infusion. This product is a "fast-firming facelift cream." And the best part is - you will get the same extraordinary outcome by relying only on a synthesis of the powerful substances that have been present in nature throughout human history.

Daily Infusion represents the pinnacle of our long quest to develop original technologies built on ingredient synergies from the natural world. Unlike any other facelift cream, Releve Skincare's delivers results by restoring the innate vitality present in our body's own blueprint to build healthy, beautiful skin.


Bio-extracted seaweed (bladderwrack), bio-extracted proprietary blend of organic cereal greasses, Flavonol (bio-extracted citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic food sources), organic beeswax, bio-extracted quaking aspen tree bark, bio-extracted horseradish root, organic lecithin, vanilla absolute.

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