Bamboo Mist

by Releve' Skincare

This sensational Bamboo Mist by Releve' Skincare is one product you simply cannot live without. You will want and 'should' you it anytime to:
  • Tone and firm your skin
  • Restore and brighten skin tone
  • Fully hydrate and nourish your skin anytime & anywhere!
Bamboos Mist is a must have to keep your skin beautiful anytime throughout the day. It's also the second step of Releve' Skincare's incredibly effective 2-Step Fast-Firming Facelift System that is unrivaled when it comes to achieving anti-aging results. Unless you are considering cosmetic surgery, there is NO other combination of products that even come close to getting the same outcome as using Daily Infusion and Bamboo Mist. The best part is ... the Releve' Skincare System relies only on a synthesis of the powerful substances that have been present in nature throughout human history.

No chemicals. No surgery!


Fresh spring water, bio-extracted structured bamboo water, bio=extracted fulvic acid mineral complexes, organic orange essential oil, bio-extracted horseradish root.
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